Asheville Bound!!

My wife Sondra and I have recently decided to make the financially wise move to Asheville, North Carolina area. It is a blue island in a red state and has a vital creative scene going on in all the arts. I chose to frame this as EXPANDING my music community, rather than LEAVING my music community. It’s interesting how I never really thought of the musicians and students I work and play with as my community until I began to truly ponder leaving the bay area, to go to a place where I am virtually UNKNOWN!

What awaits? Will I find a new community of like minded artists, musicians and genuinely interested and committed students like I have found here? Will I need to re-invent myself? Will I be able to grow musically and personally there?

Time will tell, but one thing I know: I need a community, no matter where I live. It’s what makes a life one worth living. It’s a reason to get up in the morning! It’s a possible path to great musical fullfillment and growth, even when you don’t realize you are in one. I do believe this is a new lesson for this old dog!

Here’s to my new and expanding bi-coastal musical community!