Intro To Linear Funk Drumming via The Paradiddle

Linear drumming is the technique of playing a rhythmic line where no two limbs sound notes simultaneously..i.e; .the line is broken up between limbs. One can hear this technique used by drummers as diverse as Elvin Jones, Steve Gadd, Steve Smith and numerous others.

This is an excerpt from my upcoming book "Internalization" (2nd Edition), which will be available on this site when completed.

The idea here is to use the paradiddle sticking -  RLRRLRLL, or if left-handed, LRLLRLRR - as a starting point. We start with this because it is typically a very familiar sticking pattern for drummers. We make it linear by replacing any given hand stroke with a bass drum stroke, while holding a Funk groove position.

(Funk groove position: if you're right -handed, place right-hand stick on hi-hat and left-hand stick on snare drum {reverse if you're left-handed}

Every non-accented note should be played as a very soft ghost note, and all bass drum notes should be loud and strong. Once you can play each paradiddle based element 4 x, non-stop, no-mistakes; try connecting pairs, as listed in right hand column. You will soon begin to understand the physical flow required to utilize this technique musically.

Hold the paradiddle sticking, focus on strong B.D. placement, soft ghosts and strong hand accents.

Improved Linear Paradiddle Grooves #1 jpeg..jpg