“Internalization” (1st edition) drum book now available!

Alan Hall’s Internalization has unique and innovative concepts for developing a fluent jazz drumming independence and vocabulary. Check it out!
— Steve Smith ( international drum set clinincian, Journey, Vital Transformation, Steps Ahead )

This book was originally published online in 2005 and has been one of my main teaching sources at The California Jazz Conservatory, in Berkeley, CA., ever since. It was made possible with the generous financial and technical help of the my friend, and student, the late Ben Randall, with the assistance of Jerome Draper. The first printing has since sold out, but is now available in PDF format for anyone to download from this site.

I’ve broken it up into 2 packets for ease of use:

*Packet #1 includes the introduction, anatomy of an exercise, table of contents, Book One, chapter 1- comping, and Book Two - sequences

*Packet #2 includes Book One, chapter 2 - fills and solos.

I’m planning to add more chapters over time, which will each utilize much of the same concepts and sequences in new ways, so stay tuned for those!

Thank you for your interest!