Online Lessons


Now that I live in North Carolina…

many of my San Francisco Bay Area students have requested continuing online lessons with me, and I’m pleased to offer those now.

In order to begin online lessons, please send a request to me at with the subject heading: online lessons

I use Skype for now, but can use other platforms.

The frequency of each student’s online lessons is determined student by student.

What You Will Need for Online Lessons:

You will need to open a Skype account and have either a smart phone, I-pad or lap-top computer with video capability.

It works best to position the camera on your device appx 3 feet to the left of your hi hat and 3 to 4 feet up, angled downward slightly to see your snare/ride and drum surfaces.

I will send you either phone, I-pad or computer mounting hardware if you need it.